If you ever receive offensive or inappropriate feedback, you have the option to flag the comment. Only feedback including a comment can be flagged.

How to flag feedback?

  • Click the flag icon next to the time stamp of the comment and confirm in the dialog message that pops-up afterward.

Where can you flag feedback?

  • In a real-time feedback request or in a review you have participated in;
  • Directly from the "Feedback" page, as shown in the image below;

What happens when you flag feedback?

  • Your Impraise administrator will be informed immediately. He/she will receive an email notification containing the flagged comment as well as the identity of the reporter and the feedback giver. Both identities will be revealed even if your environment in Impraise is anonymous;
  • The flagged feedback is removed from your report and profile.

Note: Flagging feedback cannot be undone!