A performance check-in is an opportunity for a manager and their direct reports to meet and discuss performance, development growth, and goals. Typically the team member will complete a self-assessment for the purpose of evaluating their own performance alongside that of their managers.

Start by:

  1. Selecting Reviews on the navigation menu.
  2. Clicking Create a review on the upper right side.
  3. Choose "Performance review". (You can also add a self-assessment for all feedback recipients.)

Add Participants

On the Participants page, add in your feedback recipients by clicking the green "Add participants" button next to Recipients.

A pop up will appear where you can select who will be asked to participate in the self-assessment by checking the box adjacent to their name or you can add everyone by checking the box 'select all'. Once you add in the feedback recipients Impraise will automatically match them to their direct managers in the system. Note: only individuals with a direct manager will be added to the review.

Add Topics/Questions

In this section, you can choose what topics, questions, or values the participants are going to give feedback on. You can either choose a topic from your company's pre-populated (competency) library or write your own custom questions or topics.

Once added you can adjust the response methods. “Rating scale with comment” will be the default answer type.

Tip: You can adjust the order that the questions are after creating them, by clicking on the six dots on the left side of the question and dragging the question, to the place that you like.

Tip: When a self-assessment is included, you can set an alternative version of the topics which will be seen only by the feedback recipients. It allows those reviewing themselves to have the question or topic positioned in an inward perspective.


Before launching a review you need to choose a start and end date and time. Once you add in a start and end date, you can configure what default reminder notifications will be sent.

On the start date and time, an invitation will be sent to all participants. As the review progresses your selected reminders are sent to the review participants who haven't completed their tasks.

All review reports will only be shared at the deadline.

Add in a title/context

On the Communication page, you will first need to enter a title for your review, survey, or form. It should be specific and easily referable. Such as, 2020 Q2 Sales Performance Check-in.

Next, enter in the review context. Note, this context will be sent in the initial email to all participants taking action in the review, and will appear on the review task in Impraise. Whether you're completing a self-assessment, performance review, or both the context will be the same for everyone.

Tip: You can use markdown syntax in your review context. This means you can bold, italicize, or underline content, among other things. 

Report sharing

Before scheduling your review, decide who the reports should be shared with: The feedback recipient and/or the feedback recipient manager. Review reports are shared at the deadline, simultaneously with recipient and manager when applicable. You cannot edit who will receive the report once the review has started.

You can allow managers to see their direct reports submitted self-assessments while the review is ongoing. This gives managers the opportunity to fine-tune their feedback for their teams. Note, managers will not be alerted when their direct report submits their self-assessment and managers can began their evaluation prior to the self-assessment.

Tip: You can also add "Observers" who will receive all individual reports from the review. We recommend adding an observer to every review. An observer should be a generic / HR account that is used for scheduling and filing, to ensure their is one account with all review reports.

When you feel you are ready click Save and close. Always double-check the summary of your review, then select the Schedule button to set your review in motion!


When setting up a performance review using a template, all hierarchy matches will automatically be made based on the information within the Users page. If the reporting lines in our database are not up-to-date, it will cause discrepancies in the setup of the review.

Example Reviews Questions

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