Once a review reaches its deadline, review reports will be released automatically based on the report sharing settings of the review creator. Learn how you would find and access that review report below.

How to know if a review report will be released to you

If you or your direct reports are participating in a review, you can always view whom the review reports will be shared with by:

  1. Going to the Reviews page.
  2. Selecting the desired review.
  3. Scrolling to the Reporting section of the review summary.

For example: Say you are a manager. In a running review, you want to know if you will have access to any reports that are shared per your team members. By viewing the Reporting section of the review, you can identify if the report sharing options are set for you to receive the review reports for any direct reports you have participating, or not.

Tip: Once a review or survey ends, the Reports tab on the review will be unlocked - Reports will not be accessible prior. Submitted feedback can always be found by going to the Task page, select to the Completed tasks, and select the closed review task to view what feedback you gave.

How to find a review report that has been released or shared with you

You can find a released or shared review report in 3 places.

If the review report is your own you can find it:

  • On your Feedback page by going to the report page and filtering to "Reviews".
  • On your Home page - Tasks section.
  • In the actual review. Go to the Reviews page, select the desired review, then select the reports tab toward the top to see all delivered Reports that you have access to.

If the review report is that of your direct reports you can find it:

  • On your Home page.
  • In the actual review. Go to the Reviews page, select the desired review, then select the Reports tab toward the top to see all delivered reports that you have access to.

If the review report is that of a colleague or peer that does not report to you, you can be shared a report either manually, or by being added as an observer to a review. In this case, you have the same finding power as a manager. Either through the Home page (Tasks section), the People page, or the review itself.

In cases where you were not included in the sharing of a review report, you will see this message: "There are no reports in this review that are shared with you."

If you need access to a report that you do not have, please contact your Impraise administrators (usually your HR team) for further help. They will also be able to explain why the review report was not shared, and how you would receive access to it.

How to share a review report

Once you have found the desire review report you can share it with anyone in your company (that it has not already been shared with).

Note: When sharing a report, it cannot be unshared. There is no way to a users access to a report unless they are removed from the system.

Review Reports can be shared within Impraise but only to people within your environment. Review reports can also be shared outside of Impraise by downloading a PDF version of the report and sharing with any person you would like.

To share a report within Impraise first open the report page, next, look toward the right side and click on "Add people" .

You will be able to select any user within your company. Be aware, as you select people to share the report with the button will turn green and alert you to how many people the report will be shared with. To finalize your actions, simply click the button and the reports will be immediately shared.

How to identify who has access to a report

You can easily view the names of who within your company has access to a report that you are shared. To do so,

  1. Find the desired report (Steps above).
  2. Open the report page.
  3. View the statement on your upper right, "X people have access to this report"
  4. Select the statement and a list of people will show who the report has been shared with.

Happy Reporting!

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