With Impraise, you can run surveys to gather feedback from an individual, a team or entire company. These can be a Happiness Survey, Engagement Survey, eNPS survey, New Hire Survey, or even an Exit Survey.

To set up this type of review you will have to include a generic or HR account.

If you're unsure whether such an account exists in your Impraise environment, please contact support@impraise.com or consult your CSM.

To get started:

  • Click Reviews on the left side navigation bar.
  • Select Create a review on the upper right.
  • You will be prompted to select a template. Chose the last option Custom review. (Do not add a self-assessment)

Add Participants

On the next step, you will be sent to the Participants page of the review creation form - here's where the generic / HR account will come in handy.

  • Add your generic account as the Feedback Recipient.
  • Click select reviewers and manually add reviewers or chose Select all to add your entire company.

For example: I will add Impraise Culture as the feedback recipient. Then, I will add all Impraise team members as the reviewers by clicking 'Select all.' The generic account will "receive" the feedback, and your colleagues will complete the survey.

Now you can easily finish creating your survey using the standard review flow.

Tip: In a company survey, we recommend sharing reports with an observer. You can add one or more parties as the observer and/or the HR account. When the survey ends, add your results into this template to calculate the eNPS score.

Good luck surveying!

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