Your team can quickly send praise to a coworker using the /praise command. Whenever someone in your organization receives praise or completes a goal or milestone, it will be recognized through an automatic notification in a Slack channel of your choice. 

Integrating Impraise with Slack keeps Impraise visible across the organization, helping to keep it top of mind and actively used for real-time feedback and goals between your scheduled reviews. 

Note: Personal development/Work goals will only be displayed if they are visible to everyone in the organisation. This adjustment can be made within each goal.

Setting it up

As an Impraise Admin you can connect your Impraise organization to Slack, with the assistance of your Slack Administrator by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Settings page in Impraise

2. Click on Integration Settings and then click "Slack integration"

3. You will be redirected to Slack's integration page to authorise the integration.
Note: You might need your Slack Administrator to authorize this.

4. You will be reconnected to Impraise. 

  • Check the "Praise" and/or "Goal milestone" boxes to automatically send notifications to Slack when praises are received or goals completed 
  • Select the Slack channel to receive these notifications ie General or Random

Tip: Connect Impraise to an existing channel that is reserved for a lightweight and general purpose so people can casually review it when they have time
Tip: The email address should be the same in Slack and Impraise in order for the praises to work.

5. Click "Update Slack Settings" to complete the integration

Once authorized, Impraise will start sending notifications to the channel you’ve selected anytime someone receives a praise and/ or completes a goal milestone. Please note that the content of the praise will never appear in the Slack notification but will be visible in Impraise in accordance with your organization’s anonymity settings.

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