Here is a step by step guide on how to participate in a peer review with peer selection: 

1. Login to Impraise

2. Navigate to 'Your Tasks' and find the name of the review where you were asked to participate.

3. Click on your review task from your Impraise task tab (or via the email link)

4. Select the peers you would like feedback from by typing their names into the search bar

5. Once you are happy with your selection, click 'Submit for approval' and 'Finish'

Suggested Reviewers

You may open your peer selection task and see people already selected. These are 'pre-selected reviewers'.

You can select additional reviewers by typing their name into the search bar. 

'Pre-selected reviewers' can be editable or non-editable depending on the set up of the review.  If they are editable you will see a "Remove" button next to the name or your peer.

If the pre-selected reviewers are non-editable, you can select additional reviewers only. 

Tip: You can edit your selection after you have clicked submit, and the peer review deadline has not passed by clicking on your 'Select reviewers' task under your completed tasks.

Manager Approval 

Your manager may need to approve the peers you have selected. If so, you will see the following message:

Next Steps

You will be sent an email when your review starts with a link to the review. So for now, you're done!

Check out the giving feedback guide here for tips on how to give your colleagues feedback.

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