A peer review can be set up with a manager approval phase. As a manager, you have a chance to review and edit your team member's peer selection. 

Why does it matter?

  • To ensure all relevant people are included in the review to give feedback. This might involve adding relevant people or removing reviewers when too many feedback givers are selected 
  • Add feedback givers when your direct reports are on holiday so they won't miss out

How do I complete the task?

Follow these steps to complete your task:

1. Login to Impraise https://app.impraise.com 

2. Click on your manager review task from your Impraise task tab (or via the email link)

3. Add new reviewers by typing their name in the search bar or delete reviewers by clicking the 'X' when you hover over their name

4.  Once you are happy with the selection, click 'Approve selection' and 'Continue' 

5. Complete the above steps for each direct report and click 'Finish'

Note: If you make changes to your direct reports peer selection, they will not be notified

Tip: Make sure you complete the manager approval task before the deadline, otherwise your direct report's selected peers will automatically be added as reviewers

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