We have a saying at Impraise, "Like champagne, feedback is best when it is shared. Don't bottle it up!| Through real-time feedback, you can give feedback to anyone in your company.

There are two different ways to give real-time feedback within Impraise:

  • Praise and Tip
  • Give Feedback on a Skill

Your responsibility as the feedback giver is to write your feedback in an actionable and personalized way. Read more about how to formulate your feedback here and the importance of giving feedback here.

Give a Praise / Tip 

You can send colleague praise to recognize a job well done, or a tip to help them gain a different perspective on how they can improve and learn.

  • Go to the "People" page
  • Select the profile of the person to whom you'd like to give feedback to
  • Select the "Give feedback"
  • Choose the Praise or Tip button
  • In the pop-up window, type in your feedback
  • You will see if your feedback will be given anonymously or non-anonymously depending on your organization settings.
  • Optional (Praise Only) - if your company has an integration between Slack and Impraise and has enabled public praise, you will have the option to send the Praise publically or privately.
  • Hit "Send" when you're ready to submit your feedback.

You can keep track of all the Praise & Tips you've sent throughout the years on your team members' profile.

Give Feedback on a Skill

Easily provide feedback on role-specific skills to help your colleagues know where they are on track or how they could improve.

  1. Go to the "People" page
  2. Select the profile of the person to whom you'd like to give feedback to
  3. Click on "Give feedback" on the person's profile
  4. Choose "Give feedback on a skill"
  5. In the blue window, choose the category and the skill you'd like to provide feedback on. You can give feedback on several skills at once.
  6. Give a rating, type in your comment, and hit "Submit feedback".

Note: It is not possible to edit a Feedback on a Skill, Praise, or Tip once you have clicked 'Submit' so write carefully

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