Creating a review or survey template will help you save time, optimize your ability to compare various over time, and give you a cross reference for an original review structure. You can also easy duplicate a template review to make recurring reviews in seconds.

The first step is to create a review

If the review is already created, simply find the review that you would like to template. The review can be in any status (Draft, Scheduled, Ongoing and Ended). Once on the review summary page, click the three encircled adjacent dots in the upper right corner.
A drop down menu will appear, and Duplicate will be the second option.

Tip: You will have to title your duplicate. We suggest giving it a very specific name, and noting "TEMPLATE" in the title. This will allow for easy search in the future.
Tip: We suggest that a template without any participants is created to avoid, management line problems, in future duplications

After, you will immediately be brought to your duplicated review and it will be in a draft status.

We recommend not including any participants in the templated review. However, if you are templating a company survey, for example, you can save your generic/hr account as the feedback recipient.

You can also iterate on your review template if your feedback process, review questions, etc changes over time.

Important: Be sure to leave your template in draft status, so it can be used again and again. It is easy to edit and schedule your template accidentally. 👀

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