Once you've set up a goal you can edit, add notes, update your goal status and track goal changes.

Using Milestones to track your Goal progress

Check off milestones as you reach them to see your progress.

To check off a milestone:

  • select the goal from the Goals tab
  • check the milestone that has been accomplished

A green progress bar will appear, and once all milestones are check you will see an option to mark your goal as completed.

All changes made to a goal will be tracked in the 'Goals Activity Feed'.

Goals Activity Feed

The Goal Activity Feed sits beside each goal in Impraise. Whenever a goal owner or their manager edits a goal, their changes are listed in the activity feed and can be viewed by anyone who has access to the goal.

What does the Activity Feed track?

  • Completing, closing, or reopening of a goal
  • Marking a milestone as complete or incomplete
  • Edits to the goal title, privacy setting, description, or deadline
  • Adding or editing a new milestone
  • Changes to goal status
  • Notes left on a goal

Editing your goals

Make sure your goals relevant by editing them as needed.

After a goal is created, you can edit the:

  • Title and description
  • Privacy
  • Milestones
  • Deadline

Note: You can only change the privacy settings from visible to only you and your manager to visible to everyone, not the other way.

To do so, click on your goal and select the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner. Chose the relevant editing option from the drop-down.

Add your goals in your 1:1s

From the left side of the page you are able to include your goals, at your 1:1 relationship with your manager to realign, overcome an obstacle and get back on track.

Add a note on your Goal

Goal owners and contributors are able to add notes on the goals.

Tip: Adding a note to a goal will not send a notification to the contributors or observers.

Goal Status

Goal Status is a lightweight method of indicating your progress towards achieving your goals.

A goal status can either be "on track" or "revisit" and the goal status displays clearly on both the goal overview page, as well as on the goal itself.

The goal status can be edited by you as the goal owner or your manager. You have an option to leave a note when changing the status. When you update your goal status it will show in the Activity feed and your manager is notified via an email notification. 

You can also choose to close your goal, or permanently delete it. By closing your goal you are not marking it as completed, but you are removing it from your In progress or Overdue list.

If a goal deadline date has passed, the goal becomes 'overdue' and an 'overdue' label appears next to the goal.

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