We know you are busy so we've created these email, presentation and poster templates to make communicating the launch of your new process and Impraise as easy as possible.

Basic communication flow to prepare for the launch

Communication templates 

Engaging and clear communication is key to a successful landing of Impraise in your organization. The minimal approach for launching a first review exists of two communication moments; creating awareness and instructions before go-live. 


Poster templates

Use these posters to help create hype in your office about the launch of Impraise. 


  • Poster - Feedback for breakfast (PDF/ Print)
  • Poster - Don't bottle it up (PDF / Print)
  • Poster - COIN Feedback (PDF / Print)

Presentation templates

To secure your head-start with Impraise, we highly recommend organizing a presentation about the why-what-how of Impraise and it's related processes. 

Explaining the why-what-how in a live session will help in getting your teams on-board and energized to get into feedback mode. This moment of interaction will also enable you to capture any questions or concerns in an early stage. Depending on your organizations size and structure, you can present in an all-hands session, or join existing team meetings to take a team-by-team approach. 


As your management team plays an essential role when it comes to performance/ development, we recommend to involve your management team before rolling out to the rest of the organisation. We have prepared a separate presentation for your managers, check out the download section below.


As part of your kick-off, think about involving one of your leaders to convey the message 'why are we starting with feedback/ Impraise' and 'how will it help us'. This will give additional weight to your message and the right mindset to get buy-in from the organisation.

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