You can have two types of reports in Impraise: Review reports and Request reports.
Click here to learn more about Review reports.

Request Reports are reports that you receive from sending an Ask for Feedback request and having a colleague complete it.

Where to find your request reports

Your feedback reports can be found on your Feedback page under 'Your request reports'. 

You can download your request report as a PDF file, share it with your peers and/or put it as a topic in your next 1:1 on the right side of your feedback report

You an also react to your feedback, find out more here.

Note: If the person/s you requested feedback from has/have not given you feedback yet, you will see an empty report.

Tip: Currently, you cannot make notations on a request report within Impraise. As a workaround, download the file as a PDF and add in your own comments, reflections, and action items.

Example Feedback Request Report - Download

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