A test is a  chance to trial your launch process and gain valuable feedback on how to improve it for the company-wide launch. 

What does the test involve?

-- trialling the steps that users need to take for the first time in the tool eg:

  • setting up a goal
  • peer review
  • real-time feedback

-- your communication and instructions (what to do and why)

-- the user's experience ie what it is like to give feedback for the first time

-- your review questions - do they make sense?

-- determine any additional training requirements ie feedback training

Who to involve in the test?

Select a group of champions who are enthusiastic, spread across the organization, and have time to test and give you feedback. 

We recommend a test group of approximately 5 people. 

When to run the test?

It's best to run the test once you are familiar with the Impraise functionality yourself

How to run the test?

To make the test with your champions easier, we've created the following communication templates.

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