Review reports are reports you receive from a review that you participated in, your direct report(s) participated in, or you were listed as an observer on. You can also receive a review report if it is shared with you by another colleague that has access to it.

Where to find your review reports

Your review reports can be found on:

  • Feedback page, under 'Your review reports'
  • A review report of your colleague or direct report which has been shared with you can be found on their profile page. Note, once a review report is shared it cannot be unshared.

Note: If you cannot locate a report please confirm with your people operations team that the report has been shared with you.

Where to make notes on your review report

On the right side of your review report, there will be a Notes and take-aways section. There you, as feedback recipient, and your direct manager can write notes, lessons learned, and/or an action plan to reference at any time.

Be aware that only you and your direct manager will be able to make notes in this section, yet any person with access to the report within Impraise can view the notes left. 

Example Review Report - Download

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