Know that 1:1s are happening to ensure follow up conversations are fostering development company-wide.  

You can use this data to know who in the organization has added specific information to follow up on and know once it's been discussed or marked as completed. 

Go to the Activity page and select 1:1 tab on the top

Select 'Download 1:1 Report'. The export is set in a CSV format, learn how to convert the export file into an Excel file or Google sheet here.

The export will provide you with the following data:

A list of created relationships per person and the time when they were created.
Per relationship you are able to see:

  • last topic created type
  • last topic created at
  • last topic created by 
  • last topic completed at
  • last topic completed by 
  • last topic completed type
  • last note created at (does not show for which topic)
  • last note created by (does not show for which topic)

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