The 8-Point Scale

The default rating scale in Impraise is an 8 point scale. Both the color and the rating label can be customized by your organization’s admin in the settings. 

The pros of an 8-point scale are that it has a lot of "nuance" between each rating and you are better able to differentiate on skills that improve over time.

The cons of an 8-point scale are that there is too wide of a range and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between what makes someone a 6 or a 7.

Example of another 8-point scale:

  1. Off-track
  2. Growth required
  3. Needs some development
  4. Making progress
  5. Good work
  6. Making an impact
  7. Clear strength
  8. Superstar

Custom Rating Scales

4-point or 6-point rating scales give enough of a range to show growth without being too granular. Odd-numbered scales allow the user to pick the middle number and remain “neutral”. Even-numbered scales force users to “pick a side.” 

Learn how to change your organization's rating scale here.

Other rating scale examples with numbers:

2-point scale

  1. Developing
  2. On-Track

3-point scale

  1. Needs Improvement
  2. Achieves Expectations
  3. Exceeds Expectations

4-point scale

  1. Needs Support
  2. Making Progress
  3. Performing as Expected
  4. Surpassing Expectations

5-point scale

  1. Has not achieved
  2. Growth required
  3. Good work
  4. You’re making an impact
  5. Sets the standard for brilliance

6-point scale

  1. Off-track
  2. Needs some development
  3. Getting there
  4. Good work
  5. Making an impact
  6. Superstar!

Other rating scale examples without numbers:

  • Improvement needed
  • Partly achieves
  • Achieves
  • Exceeds
  • Strongly exceeds
  • Not as expected
  • Area for improvement
  • As expected from the role and level of experience
  • Very good
  • Extraordinary

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