Download FileZilla

Please click here to be transferred to the download page of FileZilla.  When you are in the FileZilla page, please select to download FileZilla for the type of the Software that you are using.

When FileZilla is successfully downloaded in your computer, please double click the file and you should be able to see the following window:

How to Send the SFTP files to Impraise System

Once you you decide that your organisation will use SFTP connection, our support team will provide you with SFTP credentials that you will be able to use in FileZilla.

You should put each credential that you received to the following boxes:

  1. Host name to the box named "Host"
  2. Username to the box named "Username"
  3. Password to the box named "Password" 
  4. Port to the box named "Port" 
  5. Click on orange button "Quickconnect"

Once you click on Quickconnect, if your connection was successful, you should receive this status updates:

On the right side of your page you will be able to see a file with your Username, that means you are connected to the folder of your organisation in our system.  Now you can drug your CSV for the update of your users data from the left side of your FileZilla screen to the file named after your "Username" that was provided to you. 

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