Pulse Surveys are a quick and simple way to regularly check in with your employees to address topics such as communication, collaboration, or remote working. These short surveys (usually between 1-10 questions) give you a near-real-time measurement of engagement if they are sent out regularly (quarterly, monthly or even weekly during times of change) to get powerful insights into employee motivation and morale. This regular feedback from your employees provides you the opportunity to quickly address any issues or concerns that deserve immediate attention.

Before You Get Started:

  • Do you have a generic HR account? Setting up this type of review requires a generic HR account. If you're unsure whether such an account exists within your Impraise environment, please check out this article, or contact Support@impraise.com / your Customer Success Manager.
  • Who will receive the survey? When you sent out a Pulse Survey, you will not need to select Participants as every person in your Impraise environment will automatically receive this survey request. If you wish to sent out a survey to a select group of Participants only, then please use our Custom Survey instead.
  • Who will receive the report? 1. Your generic HR account will receive the full report with the feedback of all Participants. 2. All the managers will automatically receive the report with the feedback of their Team Members.  

Getting Started:

  • Click Reviews on the left side navigation bar.
  • Click on Create a review in the upper right corner.
  • You will be asked to select a template. Select the last option: Pulse Survey

Step 1: Add Recipient

On the first tab, you will be asked to select a recipient account. This is the account that will receive the full report of the Pulse Survey. Please select your generic HR account here.

Step 2: Questions

In this section, you can choose what questions will be included in the survey. The question section is pre-populated with our example pulse survey questions to measure motivation/productivity while working remotely. You may choose to use these, edit these, or delete these and create your own custom questions by selecting "add custom question" or "add question from library" at the bottom of the page.  

Tip: You can adjust the order of the questions by clicking on the six dots on the left side of the question, and dragging and dropping the question into the order you prefer.

Step 3: Schedule

In this section, you can choose a start and end date. Once you add the dates in, you can configure what default reminder notifications will be sent.

On the start date and time, an invitation will be sent to all users within your Impraise environment. As the review progresses, the selected reminders are sent to all review participants who haven't completed the survey.

Upon the deadline, all review reports will be shared with the generic HR account, Managers and Observers (if any.)

Step 4: Communication

In this section, you can add a title for your survey. It should be specific so you can refer back to it easily. Such as: Remote Work Pulse - March 2020.

Next, enter in the review context. Note: This is the communication that will be sent as part of the initial invite asking all participants to complete the survey and it will appear in the review task in Impraise. 

Step 5: Reporting

On the left side of this section, you can see that:

  • all individual feedback reports are automatically shared with the generic HR account (that you've selected in Step 1.)
  • all managers will automatically receive the feedback report of their individual team members. This full disclosure creates a sense of ownership and gives managers the chance to address any specific focus areas within their team. 

Anonymous vs. Non-anonymous
You may choose to change the anonymity of the feedback reports for the generic HR account and managers. 

Tip: If you'd like anyone else in your organization to receive all individual feedback reports, then we recommend adding this individual as an "Observer". Here, you can also adjust the anonymity settings for the observers.  

Step 6: Send Out the Survey

When you are ready, click Save and close. Now carefully double check the summary of your review before selecting the Schedule button to set your review in motion!

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