After a practice has ended, the manager gets notified that the results of the team are ready. However, the responses can be seen in real-time on the Teambase page within Teambase even while the review is ongoing, as long as there are results. While the practice is ongoing, the Results page shows an overview of the current response rate and the overall average score. It is also possible to see the progression of the team’s results over time, from a time period of one month to a year.

In the summary, you can see multiple statistics, such as:

  • overall average score,
  • highest/lowest scoring item
  • the number of responses on each specific item.

Depending on the selected practice you will also notice an overall score. By clicking on the View results button you will be able to see the results of that specific practice.

By navigating through the items you can get a clear overview of the topics that are on track or that need your team’s (immediate) attention.

Click on the drop-down View details and next steps to see different tips and best practices on how to improve as a team.

Available actions per practice

Based on the results of each practice, we provide guidance on actions the managers can take to solve challenges and improve their team.

Depending on the topic there is a wide range of actions available. You can get inspired by the suggested articles, can add topics to 1:1s with team members, and create an objective to follow up.

Here is an example of the 3 action types:

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