Hi Impraisers!

We're excited to announce a new Impraise app update! As of 08/13/18, this update is available in the App Store and Google Play Store, featuring a Notification Center and redesigned You screen.

Why build a Notification Center?

All the great platforms have one place where everything that happens in the platform lives. Impraise is no different. To give our Users more control over how they use Impraise to improve their skills and performance, the Notification Center acts as an overview of everything happening in their sphere.

What will appear in the Notification Center?

Every notification that Impraise produces now will appear in the Notification Center. For every feedback request, impending review deadline, reaction to feedback, conversation started, etc. the Notification Center records and displays it chronologically.

When can I update my app?

Starting Monday August, 13th!

Get more details on this update here.