End-of-year review season is upon us and the signs are everywhere. The leaves are changing, the weather is starting to turn, and organizations everywhere are getting ready to run their end-of-year reviews.

Whether you run your reviews quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, chances are, you're going to be running some sort of review in the upcoming quarter. With this in mind, we’ve spent Q3 fine-tuning Impraise to ensure you have a seamless review experience company-wide. 

Here's an overview of what we’ve added and improved to get you ready for the season:

Expanded template functionality

By expanding the capabilities of our review templates, we’ve made it even easier for Admins to run the reviews that best support unique organizational needs.

This review season, Admins will be able to run Performance 360s, Leadership 360s, and Self-assessment only reviews with the Performance, Leadership, and Custom review templates.

Performance review: To give individuals insights into their strengths and areas for development from the people they work with most, Admins can now enable Reviewer Selection in the Performance review template. 

Learn how to create a performance 360 here.

Leadership review: To provide managers with insights on how they can better support their teams and reach their objectives from direct reports and relevant peers, we’ve also enabled Reviewer Selection for the Leadership review template. 

Learn how to set up a leadership review here.

Custom review: Quickly provide managers the context they need to give relevant and timely feedback to their direct reports by running light-weight custom reviews that only consist of self-assessments. Self-assessment reports are available to managers through on web and now also via the Impraise mobile app for iOS and Android.

Learn how to use custom reviews to run self-assessments here.

Improved reminders and notifications

Spend even less time chasing people with automated reminders and notifications that drive participants to provide feedback, select reviewers, and view reports.

  1. Reminders can now be set while you build the review. As an Admin, you understand the context and purpose behind every review. Select a unique notification and reminder cadence for each review to boost your completion rate.

    Learn how to set notifications and reminders here.

  2. The Notification Center to view all relevant activity in Impraise.  The Impraise mobile app for iOS and Android now features a Notification Center to keep individuals oriented during the review cycle, ensuring review tasks don’t slip under the radar.

Added search functionality to re-open reviews

Don’t let holidays or sick days keep you from a 100% completion rate. Re-open reviews for individuals that haven’t completed or only partially completed the Review. Admins can now search for specific users by typing their name into the search box.

Learn how to reopen reviews here.

Updated the goal overview page

Once your review cycle comes to a close, it’s important for individuals to set goals to transform learnings into action. We've made it easier for users to quickly distinguish between personal and work goals by surfacing the most relevant information about each goal on the goals overview page. 

Getting ready for the New Year

While the previous quarter was all about improving the elements of Impraise that are critical to running seamless reviews, this quarter we are focused on making updates and adding functionality to ensure you start the year off on the right foot. 

Our aim is to increase alignment between individuals and teams while staying focused on company-wide objectives. You can expect significant improvements the goals functionality as well as other features designed to increase company-wide clarity. 

We wish you a successful end-of-year review season and look forward to supporting your needs this quarter!