You can view your own goals and your team member's goals which they have shared with the company to keep each other on track.

Accessing your goals

On the Goals page, you can view your own goals, and filter your goals by status (In progress, Overdue, Completed, Closed) or by type (Personal development or Work).

Viewing your colleagues and team members goals

Depending on the visibility set by a colleague you can view their goals on their People profile page. To see another colleague's goals:

  • Head to the People page.
  • Select the colleague or team member.
  • Chose the Goals tab on their profile page.
  • View their list of goals

If you don't see any goals, try filtering by Progress and Type to see their full list of public goals. 

Note: Managers can see all active goals from their direct report, no matter their status or visibility. Goals can only be set on a individual level. This means when viewing a colleagues goals you cannot edit anything about the goal, complete a milestone, or complete the full goal. You can only view the goal and it's details.

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