To set you up for success in 2019, we’ve spent Q4 making it even easier for organizations, teams, and individuals to manage their goals. We’ve focused on bringing you better tracking, more transparency, and facilitating more meaningful interactions.

Here are the improvements we've made to the platform with this update:

Request 1:1s

Individuals can now request a 1:1 with their manager directly from a goal, a review report, or their manager's profile page. 

Individuals can request a 1:1 to further discuss a topic, timeline, or progress. Upon clicking the request 1:1 button, individuals have the opportunity to add any additional notes to be included in the email notification sent to their manager.

Learn how to request a 1:1.

Ask for feedback

Pre-populated ‘Ask for feedback’ forms makes it even easier to have more focused conversations.  Individuals can now ask for feedback from their manager directly from a goal. 

Indicate goal status

Goal owners and their managers can change the status of a goal to either "on track" or "revisit." Knowing the status of goals 
provides focus for 
follow up conversations, whether it’s in a 1:1 
or in a team meeting. 

Goal owners can leave a note to provide additional context and clarity on the status update. Similarly, managers can leverage notes to share their knowledge or thoughts on why a goal might be off track. In both instances, the goal owner and their manager will be notified.

Share notes

Keep colleagues and your manager up to date on your progress on your goals. Goal owners can now leave notes in the goal activity feed to share status updates, progress, and context.

Managers can also post notes on goals to share their knowledge and provide input to their direct reports.

When the status of a goal has been updated with a note, the goal owner’s manager is notified via email, and vice versa.

Learn how to add a note on a goal.

View goal activity 

Goals in Impraise now have an activity feed that displays any goal-related changes. Knowing how your goals evolve over time helps 
you set better goals moving forward.

When a goal is edited, changes are listed in the activity feed and can be viewed by anyone with access to the goal. 

What changes does the activity feed track?

  • Completing, closing, or reopening of a goal
  • Marking a milestone as complete or incomplete
  • Edits to the goal title, privacy setting, description, or deadline
  • Adding or editing a new milestone
  • Status updates
  • Notes added to that goals

Learn more about the goal activity feed here.

Celebrate Wins in Slack

Celebrate achievements big and small, as they come in. Integrate Impraise with your Slack workspace and get notified when milestones are completed on public goals. 

Learn how to integrate Impraise with Slack here.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about these updates or are interested in learning how your team can start using goals in Impraise, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.