A well-set goal or objective is the first step to success in both performance and development. Whether it is setting a personal development goal to improve your time management skills or creating a personal business objective that contributes to team or organization objectives, Goals and OKRs helps your team stay aligned and focused.

In this article, we will cover the different types of goals and objectives you can use within Impraise.

Personal Development Goals

Personal Development Goals help improve your skills, character, and capabilities which in turn help you grow as a person advance in your career. They can be projects you would like to tackle that will give you expertise in a professional area of interest, or attributes you would like to further develop upon (like public speaking or coding in a new language). It is important to create ambitious goals that are broken down into milestones. These actionable steps will help you measure your progress and keep you focused on your end goal.

Business Objectives

Business objectives drive alignment and keep everyone on target by creating visibility on personal, team, and organization-wide objectives. They help focus and engage your people by showing them how their work connects to the bigger picture. Business objectives can be created on an organization, team, or personal level and can either be stand-alone or linked together to show dependencies and contributions. Progress on business objectives is tracked with Key Results, which can be either based on completion or with metrics (a number, %, or $).

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We also have a video available here explaining how to set up your Goals and Objectives for users of the Impraise app in a browser:

Users of the mobile app can find a video here:

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