A Peer Review is an opportunity for people to get a holistic view of their performance by asking for feedback from those who they work most closely with. The focus is on identifying each other's strengths and areas for improvement in order to accelerate development. Typically the team member will complete a self-assessment for the purpose of evaluating their own performance alongside that of their peers.

Quick Set-Up:

1. Create a review: select Peer Review + self-assessment

2. Participants:

Recipients: Select the individuals to be reviewed

Reviewers: Add peer reviewers manually, allow reviewer selection or a mix of both

Note: The reviewer selection functionality will be automatically turned on in a Peer Review. This gives users the ability to select their own reviewers. You can set a recommended number of reviewers, allow reviewers to edit preselected reviewers, and enable manager approval. If a manager doesn’t complete the approval step, the direct report’s choices will be respected.

3. Questions: Add questions about the employee's areas of strength, potentials for development, or rating on skills/competencies.

4. Scheduling: Add in the dates for your review

5. Communication: Add your review title, reviewer selection instructions, and review instructions.

6. Reporting: share the report non-anonymously/anonymously with the feedback receiver and or the feedback receiver’s manager. Add your Generic HR Admin account as a non-anonymous/anonymous observer.

7. Click the "Schedule Review" button to get your review started!

Looking for ideas on what questions and instructions to use? Download our Peer Review Templates!

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