A Performance Review is an opportunity for a manager and their direct report to align on the performance and personal development of the employee. The questions of a Performance Review focus on achievements as well as areas of improvement for the coming period. Typically the team member will complete a self-assessment for the purpose of evaluating their own performance alongside that of their managers.

Quick Set-Up:

1. Create a review: select Performance Review + self-assessment

2. Participants:

Recipients: Select the individuals to be reviewed

Reviewers: Click "save" for managers to automatically be selected as reviewers

Note: This is based on manager <> direct reports relationships in User Management.

3. Questions: Add questions about the employee's performance, areas of strength, potentials for development, or rating on skills/competencies.

4. Scheduling: Add in the dates for your review

5. Communication: Add your review title and review instructions.

6. Reporting: share the report non-anonymously with the feedback receiver and or the feedback receiver’s manager. Add your Generic HR Admin account as a non-anonymous observer.

7. Click the "Schedule Review" button to get your review started!

Looking for ideas on what questions and instructions to use? Download our Performance Review Templates! 👇

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