The New Hire Check-in evaluates the experience of new hires after their first XX days of joining the company. It gives the employee the opportunity to reflect on their first term and it will help his/her manager to understand how well the new hire is doing in terms of eg. their role, integration, engagement, expectations.

Quick Set-Up:

1. Create a review: select Performance Review + self-assessment

2. Participants:

Recipients: Select the new hire to be evaluated. It is recommended to set up one review per new hire so that you can personalize it for them.

Reviewers: Click "save" for managers to automatically be selected as reviewers

Note: This is based on manager <> direct reports relationships in User Management.

3. Questions: Add questions to assess strengths and areas for improvement in self-reflective format. You can add questions about specific skills or company values.

4. Scheduling: Add in the dates for your survey

5. Communication: Add your survey title and instructions.

6. Reporting: share the report non-anonymously/anonymously with the feedback receiver and or the feedback receiver’s manager. Add your Generic HR Admin account as a non-anonymous/anonymous observer.

7. Click the "Schedule Review" button to get your survey started!

Looking for ideas on what questions and instructions to use? Download our New Hire Check-In Template!

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