The path to success is paved with clarity and direction which can be achieved with SMART goals. This is one of many goal-setting methodologies available that provide guidance on setting concise and measurable objectives needed to succeed. You can learn more about SMART Goals on our Blog.


This is a widely-used set of criteria for formulating effective goals. You can apply this framework to make your goals specific and achievable.


Christine will sign up new customers worth at least $100.000 USD before the end of the month

John will become a better leader by giving feedback at least 10 times by the end of June. 

How to create a SMART Goal

Create the objective

  1. From the Goals and OKRs page, navigate to ‘create an objective’

  2. Select the type of goal you are setting in the dropdown menu

  3. Optional: in the dropdown menu, select an organization or team goal you’d like to contribute to (for team or personal goals only)

  4. Optional: In case you’ve linked the individual goal to an existing organization or team goal, a dropdown menu appears from which you can select a team key result to directly contribute to (for team or personal goals only)

  5. Add the title of the goal in the title field

  6. Set the visibility of your goal. Default visibly for Organization and Team Objectives is set to everyone. Devault visibility for Personal Business Objectives is to your manager (in case you have one). You can extend the visibility to everyone in your company

  7. Select the due date

  8. Optional: once the goal is created, you can choose to add a description

Add Milestones

Adding Milestones to your SMART Goal will help break it into more manageable, bite-sized pieces and allow you to see progress over time.

  1. From a previously created goal create a key result by clicking ‘key result’ on the bottom of the page.

  2. Add a title and from the dropdown menu, you can select a metric type: task completion, #, $ or %

  3. Optional: If you selected either a unit of measurement (#, $ or %), then enter your target.

Click ‘save’

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