An Engagement Survey is a helpful way to measure different aspects of the employee experience. It can include a question on eNPS (employee net promoter score) which is a quick and painless way to gauge happiness within your organization on a continuous basis.

To set up an engagement survey you need to have an HR admin account. If you're unsure whether such an account exists in your Impraise environment, please contact Support@imprasie.com or consult your Customer Success Manager.

Quick Set-Up:

1. Create a review: select Custom Review or Pulse Survey

In a Custom Review, you can control who is invited to the review and who receives a report.

In a Pulse Survey, everyone in the organization will be invited to the review. Managers will automatically receive a collated report of their team member's responses in addition to the responses of the entire organization being shared with the HR Admin account.

Unsure of which one to use? Reach out to us at support@impraise.com or connect with your Customer Success Manager.

2. Participants:

Recipients: Select your HR Admin account.

Reviewers: Select all employees.

3. Questions: Add questions to assess employee engagement.

4. Scheduling: Add in the dates for your survey

5. Communication: Add your survey title and instructions.

6. Reporting: share the report non-anonymously/anonymously with the feedback receiver. Add your Generic HR Admin account as a non-anonymous/anonymous observer.

Tip: It is recommended to start with an anonymous Engagement Survey to have the chance to prove to employees that their responses are read and acted on.

7. Click the "Schedule Review" button to get your survey started!

Note: in this review, only employees will be completing a review task. The HR admin account will not take any action.

Looking for ideas on what questions and instructions to use? Download our Engagement Survey Template!

When the survey ends, add your results into this template to calculate the eNPS score.

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