As a manager, you have additional privileges, visibility, and functionality within Impraise to heighten the productivity of your relationships with your direct reports.

Learn how to take full advantage of what you can do as a manager.

Quick Actions

Managers (non-admin) have their direct reports populated in their navigation menu. This allows for quick actions of engagement to be taken directly from your Impraise homepage.

Click on the dots next to the name of your direct report and a menu will appear where you can perform quick actions - such as giving your direct report recognition, advice, or feedback on skill. 

Only up to 7 direct reports will appear in the navigation menu. If you have more than 7 direct reports, you will have to navigate to the People page to view them and take certain actions.

Ask for Feedback on your direct report

Ask for feedback on how your team member is performing to recognize achievements and areas where you can provide development support. Click here to find out more. 


As a manager, your direct reports will always be listed at the top of the People page. The best way to keep aligned with your team members is to view their People profile page. Here, you can view their received feedback, goals, as well as create new feedback and private notes.

Real-time feedback

Under the Feedback tab, you will be able to see all the feedback (review and real-time feedback) that your direct report has received from you. Depending on your organization's access policies, you may also be able to see feedback that they have received from other colleagues.

You will also be able to view the date on which the feedback was created.

Goals and OKRs

As a manager, you can review any goal or objective that your direct report creates. All goals and objectives will be listed under the Goals and OKRs tab on their People profile page. When you click on a goal or objective you can:

  • View the goal/objective and milestones/key results

  • Leave a note

  • Change the status of a goal/objective  

  • View the Goal Activity Feed

  • Receive a report 2x per month on your team's progress toward achieving their goals

Goals and OKRs can be filtered, based on the type and status. Note, if a goal/objective seems to be missing, change or add filters first. 

Goal or Objective Status and Notes

The goal or objective status indicator and notes give managers more input into their direct reports' goals.

If your direct report sets a goal or objective that is off-track, at-risk, or just needs a little nudge in the right direction, you can change a goal status to notify them. 

Even if a goal or objective doesn't need to be revisited, managers can share their knowledge or thoughts on a goal or objective by leaving a note, and the goal/objective owner will be notified.

Tip: Keen to learn more about how to support your team members to set goals or objectives? Check out our Managers guide to goals and OKRs here.

Private Notes

Private notes are a great way for managers to write a quick statement, suggestion, or concern about their team members without it being sent to them. Think of Private Notes as your notepad. Your notes are time-stamped, can be edited, and are never shared.


Managers have the ability to view the summary page any review their direct report is participating in. On the summary page you will be able to view the basic outline of the review, and also confirm if the review reports will be shared with you as a manager. 

Managers also have the ability to view review progress for their team members to understand where they are in terms of completing a review or self-evaluation. 

Reviewer selection

In a peer review, the admin can choose to turn on Manager approval for Peer selection. Peer selection allows the feedback recipients to select peers they would like feedback from. Manager approval allows the direct manager to approve or edit the peer selection of their direct reports. 

Manager approval begins after peer selection ends. Managers will have a specific time period to review their team members' choices and either approve, add or edit the selection. Once the review begins the manager can no longer approve or edit.

If the manager does not take any action during the Manager approval period their team members' selection will be respected.


Your direct reports can put a goal, a review report as a topic in your 1:1 to further discuss a certain topic, timeline, or progress. You will receive an email notification with a message from your direct report. 

Make sure you send a meeting invite to help them overcome their challenge!

Great coaching!

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