Everything has its place. Get familiar with the navigation and terminology in Impraise so you can complete reviews, provide feedback, plan meaningful 1:1s, and manage your goals and objectives with ease.

Where to find things:


This is the landing page of your Impraise account where you can see your Tasks and the latest feedback you have received. Think about Tasks as your “to-do list” in Impraise. You can give feedback to people who have requested it, fill out Reviews, and read feedback reports. An email alert will also let you know when a new Task has been assigned to you. All completed tasks are also stored here.


You can review all of your recently received feedback and interact with the sender by selecting a Reaction or Asking a Question. Here you can also see responses to the feedback you’ve requested and your Review reports.


1:1s allow you to prepare and note conversations with your manager or peers. You can create a relationship with any member of your organization and track topics to discuss like goals, reports, or skills. After a 1:1 conversation, you can keep track of the next steps or add additional context to the topic by adding notes. You can also mark topics as done and move on to another topic(s).

Goals and OKRs

Create concise and actionable Business Objectives and Personal Development Goals with specified timeframes. From here, you can manage, edit, and give others access to your Goals and OKRs.


Get a detailed overview of all the Reviews you’ve been invited to participate in, as well as the ones you’ve completed. You can also access all Review reports shared with you here.


Notifications page shows you the full history of activity in Impraise that relates to your account, such as reaction to your feedback, received feedback request, praise, tip, review report shared, and many more.


Here you can see team members and direct reports, or search for specific people. Give real-time feedback as a Praise (recognize a job well done) or Tip (constructive and actionable insight). You can revisit the feedback you’ve given to colleagues, view Goals and OKRs, write a Private Note to help organize your thoughts, view that person's Review or Ask For Feedback Reports, and view your 1:1 agenda.

Important Terminology in Impraise

General Feedback

Anonymity determines if the feedback giver's name will be displayed. If it is anonymous, the giver's name will not be visible. If it is no-anonymous the feedback giver's name will be visible.

Visibility determines who can see the feedback you have submitted. Feedback is always visible to the person who gave the feedback. Other people will have access to the feedback depending on your organization settings on real-time feedback and on settings for reviews.


Participants: The individuals participating in a review or survey, whether they are the feedback recipient or the feedback giver.

Feedback recipient: The individual that the feedback is about.

Feedback giver: The individual who is giving the feedback.

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