The first step to editing your review is to confirm the status. There are many actions you can take with a scheduled, ongoing, or ended review, however, depending on the current status of your review, the actions you can take will differ.

Scheduled Review

To confirm if you review is scheduled check the green status icon in the upper left side of the summary page.

For a scheduled review you can make the same edits as you can with a drafted review, however you will first need to unschedule the review. You can do so by clicking on one of the green button edit options in the summary page of the review , or you can select from any of the editing options on the review summary page, and chose the Unschedule and edit button.

Ongoing review

Confirm if your review is ongoing by checking the blue status icon in the upper left of the summary page.

For an ongoing review you can edit the:

  • End date and time.

  • Communication.

You can partially edit the:

  • Participants (You can only add feedback recipients and reviewers - find out how to do so here. You cannot remove any feedback recipients or reviewers.)

You cannot edit the:

  • Questions.

  • Report sharing.

Important: If you would like to make an edit to the questions, or report sharing you will need to Unschedule the review. By doing so all submitted and drafted feedback will be deleted and cannot be restored - we recommend always consulting support before unscheduling an ongoing review.

Before Unscheduling an ongoing review we always recommend to:

  • Contact your CSM.

  • Check the Progress page for any submitted or drafted reviews.

  • Download a CSV report of all submitted feedback.

Unscheduling a review cannot be undone. Be aware that by rescheduling an unscheduled review, an additional round of notifications will go out, and you will need to adjust the start time and date.

Ended Review

There will be a grey ended status icon in the upper left of the summary page if your review deadline has been reached.

Once the review has concluded you can no longer edit any of the review setup, however, you can re-open the review task for a reviewer to complete or edit their review.

Tip: No matter the status of your review, you can easily create a duplicate by clicking the grey symbol in the upper right and choosing duplicate in the drop-down menu.

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