What is Single Sign-on?

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication service that allows people to log into multiple applications using one set of login credentials (username & password or email & password) instead of using different passwords for each individual application.

Should my organization have an SSO connection with Impraise?

Some benefits of enabling SSO are:

  • Ease of access: Once logged into your company accounts, you and your colleagues will be able to easily go to your Impraise profiles without having to log in and remember an additional password;

  • Increased security: Having one secure login method means there are fewer places where login credentials are stored, therefore fewer data repositories to be compromised; SSO practically eliminates the need for password resets. This increases the overall security of the profile, as password reset flows can be vulnerable to attacks;

  • Centralized account management: With just a few clicks, the entire user-base of your organization can get access to Impraise - a much-preferred option than waiting for people to register their profiles themselves. Furthermore, monitoring and logging user activity are much easier when SSO has been enabled.

How can I set up SSO for my organization?

If you would like to set up SSO with Impraise, contact your IT department first. If your company's Active Directory supports SSO connections, go to Organization Settings -> Login via Single Sign-On and enable the feature by selecting the provider as advised by your IT department.

Once you have selected your provider you will see the following setup:

Note: for ADFS & MS Azure, please see the bottom of this section.

Once you have selected your provider you will see the following setup:

Step 1: Copy the links as provided in Impraise and send them to your IT department

Step 2: Your IT department will provide you with a metadata file (XML format) that you can upload here.

 Step 3: Confirm that you want to enable Single Logout.
Click here to find out more about Single Logout 

 Save changes and you are all set!

If your organization is using ADFS or MS Azure, you only need to paste the URL to your ADFS/Azure metadata in the text box on the setup page and click "Save".

Note: Some SSO providers will need you to enter the links in a different order than we have provided. Please make sure to read carefully which link should go where in order to ensure a successful SSO implementation.

Which SSO providers (IDPs) can Impraise connect with?

We can provide you specific configuration URLs for the most frequently used SAML 2.0 IDPs, such as:

  • Google

  • ADFS/Azure

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

  • Generic SAML

In case you use a custom solution, we can provide you with a set of generic configuration URLs as well.

Troubleshooting for the metadata file

Here are tips if you encounter an error message: 

  • "Please upload your metadata file to proceed": Please check that the file is selected and has the required information

  • "It looks like this isn't an XML file, please check your file and try uploading it again": Make sure it is saved as an XML file

  • "This file seems to be too large": Please make sure your file doesn't exceed 100kb and try again.

  • "We experienced an error processing your metadata file. Please try again": If this persists, please reach out to us.

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