Getting feedback from your colleagues is one thing, acting on feedback is something else. A 1-on-1 conversation to reflect on your feedback and connect it to your goals is highly recommended. This conversation between you and your manager allows you to ask for guidance, support and remain aligned on the priorities and how these will be achieved.

Here are some tips for before, during and after your 1-on-1!


  • Read through your feedback carefully and try to find surprising elements

  • Be open minded

  • Go beyond the numbers, ratings and, labels before you come to a conclusion

  • Try to understand why you’re affected by (constructive) feedback

  • Think about your main takeaways and challenge yourself to learn

During the conversation

  • Mind your tone: be patient, composed, and calm

  • Vocalize your findings, but also your concerns: now is your time to open up about what surprised you

  • Address short and long term personal growth as well as business goals

  • Actively take the driver’s seat of your own career

Next steps

  • Think about your main takeaways and challenge yourself to learn

  • Connect the outcome to your personal and business goals

  • Ask for actionable help and guidance if needed

  • Actively participate in mutual future actions and accountability

  • Ask for more regular 1:1s on your personal and professional development process

  • If you feel like you’ve missed something, schedule another 1:1

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