As an Admin, you can define the Anonymity and Visibility of all real-time feedback in Impraise. These organization settings apply only to real-time feedback, such as praise & tips, and ask-for-feedback reports. These settings do not apply to feedback in reviews, as they can be customized per review.

Read more about Anonymity and Visibility here

How to edit Real-time feedback Anonymity and Visibility

  1. From an account with Admin rights, click on 'Settings' from the navigation bar

  2. Click on the 'Feedback' tab

  3. Under 'Feedback anonymity' select 'Custom'

  4. Select the visibility and anonymity of feedback for the roles described in detail below

There are four roles which can have customized anonymity and visibility settings for real-time feedback in Impraise:

  • Recipient 

  • Recipient's manager 

  • Direct reports 

  • Admin


The recipient is the person receiving real-time feedback. Feedback is always visible to the recipient (full access).

Select the anonymity settings for the Recipient by selecting the 'Feedback is displayed' drop-down. This determines if all real-time feedback is sent anonymously or non-anonymously in Impraise. 

Direct Manager

The Direct Manager is the manager of the recipient taken from the hierarchy in 'User Management'. 

You can select if the direct manager has access to their direct report's real-time feedback (full access or no access) and if they can see this feedback anonymously or non-anonymously. 

Direct Reports

This setting is about the feedback from a manager to their direct report. Direct reports always have access to the feedback from their manager (full access). 

Select whether feedback from a manager is shared anonymously or non-anonymously. 

Tip: We recommend feedback from a manager should always be non-anonymous 


Admins are able to have access to real-time feedback shared on the platform 

  • Full access - admins are able to see the real-time feedback people receive in Impraise, anonymously, or non-anonymously.

  • No access - admins are not able to see the real-time feedback (however admins can always track the amount of feedback shared via the activity page). 

  • Average rating - admins are able to see the average rating people receive in ask for feedback reports, but not the contents of a praise or tip. 

Tip: In the spirit of transparency we strongly recommend communicating why Admin have access to real-time feedback and what you plan to do with this information. 

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