First time giving feedback in a Review or do you need a refresher? In this guide, you will learn what steps to take.

Open your Review Task

When it's time to participate in a review, you will receive an email with an invitation link. Click the link or login to Impraise at and click on the review task from your Tasks tab.

Once you open your review task you will see one or both of the following:

  1. A self-assessment 

  2. The names of your colleagues to give feedback to

Give Feedback

Complete your self-assessment and give feedback to your colleagues. Your feedback will automatically be saved as you go, so don't worry about losing it!

Questions will either have a rating bubble, open text field, or drop-down answer list.  

If you do not have enough information to answer a question, you can click the 'Skip' button under each question.

Some questions will be marked as required. You will not be able to submit your review without completing those questions. If a rating scale or multiple-choice questions is asking for a comment, the comment will not be required.

Want to know who can see the feedback you submit? See the 'About the privacy of your feedback' at the top of the page. Read more about feedback privacy here

Learn how to write constructive comments for your feedback here

Tip: Keep your feedback in draft by clicking on the name of the next person. You can come back and review and submit your feedback when you're ready.

Note: Once you have submitted your feedback you cannot edit it. If for some reason you need to edit your feedback, reach out to your HR contact to reopen your review task. 


Review reports are automatically shared once the review deadline has passed. Report sharing depends on how the review was set up. Learn more about Review reports here.

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