Admins can re-open a review task for a reviewer, allowing them to edit submitted feedback, or give them additional time to create feedback in an ended review.

You can only re-open a review while its status is ongoing or ended.

To do so:

  • Go to the Reviews page.

  • Select the review.

  • On the right-hand side select the Reopen for Reviewers.

  • Enter the name of the reviewer, then select the check box. They will be added to the list on the right-hand side.

  • Select Reopen in the lower right corner. (You can choose to re-open the review and give the reviewer the power to edit any submitted feedback by clicking the small checkbox in the lower left.)

Whether the review is ongoing or has ended the reviewer will receive an email notification from Impraise to let them know that their review has been reopened.

Important: If the review has ended, Impraise will notify the reviewers' feedback recipients that a colleague has had their review reopened. As a result their Review Report may change. Once the re-opened review is complete, updated reports will be shared immediately to report holders.

There are two ways to re-open a review for a reviewer. You can simply re-open the review, without selecting the option to allow them to edit submitted feedback.

By re-opening the review this way, the reviewer cannot edit any submitted feedback. They can only create feedback for and submit uncompleted reviews.

If you want to give the reviewer the ability to edit, remove or add to the feedback they have submitted, make sure you select the Allow reviewer to edit previously submitted feedback box in the lower left of the reopen pop-up.

Tip: If an Admin re-opens the review task for a reviewer after the deadline has been reached the re-opened review will remain open, until that reviewer has submitted their feedback and closed the task. We recommend checking the Progress page to confirm the reviewer has submitted their re-opened review, and giving them a "mock deadline" to submit their review by.

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