Impraise (Impraise B.V.) is based in The Netherlands, at Jozef Israëlskade 46 1072 SB Amsterdam.

At Impraise, we handle your personal information with care, and in compliance with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What kind of data does Impraise collect?

Impraise collects and processes the following types of data:

1. Your name and email

Your name and email address are used to identify you, and allow your colleagues to find you within the application. We also use your email address to send you important notifications on the status of your feedback, participation in reviews, and feedback requests. You can manage your notification settings from your account settings page.

2. Your mobile device’s ID and operating system (if you’re using the Impraise iOS or Android apps)

If you’re using our mobile applications, and choose to enable push-notifications, we store information about your mobile operating system (iOS or Android) and your unique mobile device ID. We use this information exclusively to send you push-notifications, if you choose to enable them.

3. Technical information about your device

This may include your IP address, browser type, operating system type, device characteristics (screen size, mobile device model, network provider name).

We use this information for analytics and monitoring purposes, such as to identify what kind of devices Impraise is being used on, how to Improve our features, to troubleshoot issues, and to secure your account against unauthorised access.

4. Additional data you or your employer provides to Impraise

This may include your job role, who your direct manager or subordinates are, as well as information about feedback reviews you participate in, and feedback that you send and receive from others. This data is collected as part of normal usage of Impraise’s features, and is used exclusively for that purpose.

For how long is my data kept?

We keep your data in our systems only for as long as necessary to provide our services. This means as long as your organization has an active account with Impraise, we may continue to store all or some of this information.

Upon closing an organization account, your personal information is removed from our systems within 60 days.

How can I exercise my rights regarding my personal data?

Under the GDPR, you have the right to require access, mobility, correction or removal of your data. Impraise operates as what is defined as a "Data Processor", meaning we process data that is provided by your organization, as the "Data Controller".

If you wish to exercise your rights, please contact your organization’s contact person (e.g your HR contact).

If you have additional questions about exercising your rights, you are also welcome to contact our support team.

Do you use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies to allow us to identify you when you login to Impraise. This cookie includes a unique identifier tied to you, for the duration of your session, which allows us to confirm that you are authorised to access your account.

Your organization’s account manager is able to set for how long these cookies remain valid. If you wish, you may also manually remove all existing cookies for Impraise, by using your browser’s settings.

For example, If you’re using the Google Chrome browser, you may clear your cookies for Impraise with the following steps:

  • Click the Chrome menu (a button with 3 vertical dots, on the right side)

  • In the Privacy and security section click Cookies and other site data

  • Click See all cookies and site data

  • On the top right (Search cookies), search for, and click ‘Remove all shown

  • Repeat the previous step for, if you also wish to remove cookies for our marketing website

Please note that doing this will invalidate your current session (if one is active), and prompt you to login again the next time you go to Impraise.

How is my data secured?

Impraise secures your data by following industry standard best practices. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Industry standard encryption, while your data is at rest and in transit

  • Network and application-level segregation and access controls

  • A robust development lifecycle, including automated and manual tests, and manual approvals from multiple individuals

  • Frequent training across our entire team on security best practices, as well as strict internal security policies

  • Regular third-party reviews of our development and security practices, such as external security audits and penetration tests

Do you work with any third-parties?

Yes, we work with third-parties to help us support our features in the best way possible, such as sending email reliably, or providing live support chat. We ensure all third-parties we work with comply with the GDPR, and show the same care and respect for your privacy as we do. We also review these commitments frequently, to ensure these standards are kept over time.

We ensure that no third-party will use data we provide to them for any purposes other than the ones agreed to.

As much as possible, we minimise the data we share with third-parties, using methods such as anonymization (removing personally-identifiable information), or pseudonymization (replacing identifiers such as your user ID, name or email with opaque identifiers that cannot be traced back to you by unwanted parties).

Click here for a full list of all third-parties we work with, including what kind of data we share and for which purposes.


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I have other questions

If you have any questions not covered by this document, please reach out to our support team at

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