You can view the feedback you submitted in a Review or in response to a feedback request from a colleague in two ways:

  • Your completed real-time or review task 

  • The People page

Completed task

Click on the Home tab from the left-hand navigation menu, and select 'View all tasks.' 'Completed' tab to see your completed review or feedback request tasks.

Filter your tasks in the top left corner by Feedback requests or Reviews depending on how you gave your feedback. Select which Feeback request or Review you want to view and click on it.

People Page

You can view the feedback you gave a colleague in a review, feedback request or praise/tip by clicking on their profile from the People page. Use the search bar in the top right corner of the page to quickly find your colleague. 

You will see the feedback you gave your colleague in a feed ordered by date.

Tip: You can also see any of your colleague's review reports that have been shared with you from the People tab, as well as your colleague's Goals.

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