When you open a team member's profile via the People page, you can see their feedback, public goals and objectives, leave a private note, view their reports, and access your 1:1 agenda.

Give feedback

From this page, you can give feedback (Praise or Tip). Click here to find out more!


You can view the feedback that someone received from Reviews or Real-Time Feedback (Praise, Tip, or Ask-For-Feedback) as long as you have visibility access. For more information see here. If you can't see any feedback that this person received, it's likely you don't have access.

Goals and OKRs

You can view goals and objectives if they are visible to the entire company or if they have added you as an observer or a contributor.

Private Notes

Organize your thoughts before giving feedback to your peer or preparing for your next 1:1 conversation. Any notes you write will only be visible to you.


You view any Review or Ask-For-Feedback Reports that have been shared with you. If you can't see any reports, either he/she doesn't have any reports, or they haven't shared any with you.


View the 1:1 relationship you have with this person. Organize your agenda, edit topics, and add notes to be prepared for your next 1:1.

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