Analytics allow Observers to view the distribution of responses and download the raw data of a review which is ongoing or ended.

Rating Distribution graphs

If your review has a rating or multiple-choice response method you will find a Rating Distribution graph on the Analytics page. 

While the review is ongoing, or ended, you can survey the responses in real-time on the Analytics page. For questions/topics that have a rating scale or multiple-choice response method, you can see how many answers were selected for each option.

Important! The review must have 2 or more feedback givers and 2 or more feedback responses to see answers populated across the graph. If there is only one feedback giver or one response you will see the message below. This is aimed at protecting the anonymity of the feedback giver.

Note: Analytics only applies to reviews that have a rating or multiple-choice response method. You must be an 'Observer' to view the Analytics. Open-ended responses and self-assessment responses are not factored in the rating distribution graphs.

Filtering responses

By setting a filter, you are refining the review data to only show the responses based on a certain attribute. If you have your own custom attributes in the system (i.e.: Location, Team, Tenure, etc) you can also filter by this information.

As you set a filter, the graph will auto-update to properly reflect the new data associated with the filter(s) you've set. Be aware, graphs cannot be downloaded.

Once a filter is added, you have the ability to dissect the distribution graph further based on what you would like to see. You can choose from Feedback given and Feedback received. For example, say you set a filter to view the data regarding a specific manager. You can then chose if you want to see the feedback responses this manager received or the feedback responses which this manager gave.

Compare reviews

Comparing reviews allows you to track progress over time, and see how responses compare with those received from other reviews.

To do so:

  1. Open a review.

  2. Go to the Analytics page.

  3. Select 'Compare Reviews'

  4. Check the reviews you would like to compare.

  5. Click the 'Select' button

A more in-depth graph will appear, with a colour key for the reviews you are viewing. For any question that appears in both the review you are within and the selected 'Compare' reviews the rating distribution will line up next to each other. 

Export Review Data 

Generate and download a CSV file of all submitted feedback. Depending on your review anonymity, certain fields may be unauthorized to view. To download a CSV:

  • Select Export data on the right.

  • Select Generate export, then Download export to fully export the file.

Note, it may take 15-30 seconds for the file to generate. Once downloaded, it will appear under Downloads in your file manager. The file is a raw CSV of the details of the review and the individual feedback responses of each feedback reviewer and recipient.

Analytics Key

This is the Filter symbol. By selecting to filter, you can refine the distribution of ratings that appear by any attribute.

This icon represents how many people were assigned to receive feedback in this review.

This icon represents how many people were assigned to give feedback in this review.

This icon represents the number of feedback responses submitted in the review.

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