Creating a review or survey template will help you save time, optimize your ability to compare various reviews over time, and give you a cross-reference for an original review structure. You can also easily duplicate a template review to make recurring reviews in seconds.

Tip: Create templates for your most often used reviews such as onboarding surveys, engagement surveys, monthly check-ins, specific team-based reviews, etc.

Create a review following the regular steps. When adding the title make sure to put "TEMPLATE". This will allow for ease of search in the future.

We recommend not including any participants in the templated review to avoid management line issues in future duplications. However, if you are creating a company survey template, for example, you can save your Generic HR Admin account as the feedback recipient.

You can also create a template from a previously created review by duplicating it and adding TEMPLATE to the review title. This allows you to iterate and improve on previous reviews by adjusting questions or communication.

Important: Be sure to leave your template in draft status, so it can be used again and again. It is easy to edit and schedule your template accidentally. 👀

Ready to use your template? See here for instructions.

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