Reporting lines change all the time, and this may also happen during the performance cycle. Follow these steps to make sure a manager can be involved in their new team member's review from start to finish. 

1. Assign the new manager in Impraise 

There are two ways to assign a new manager in Impraise:

Tip: If you change the manager in Impraise, before you create the review, the new manager will automatically be added as a reviewer of their direct report in a performance review.

2. Add the new manager to the review (after the review was set up)

The new manager needs to be manually added to the review if the reporting line change was made after the review was set up.

The new manager will see their direct report's self-assessment (if this feature was enabled during the review set up)

Note: the previous manager cannot be removed from the review, however, they can decline to give feedback by clicking the 'Decline' button

3. Review Reports 

If enabled, review reports are always shared with the direct manager assigned at the end of the review.

Historical review reports which were visible to the old manager, are no longer visible to them. 

If the new manager would like to see previous review reports about their new direct report, the reports can be automatically shared through automatic report sharing in your organization setting. If you would not like reports to be automatically shared, then reports can be manually shared by the previous manager.

4. Manager Approval

If your review involves a Manager Approval stage consider the following:

  • If the new manager was a manager at the time Manager Approval started, the new direct reports will be included in the existing task;

  • If the new manager was not a manager at the time Manager Approval started, a new task won't be created. This means nobody will review the selection of the moved direct reports. 

As an Admin you can add reviewers to the new direct report by following the steps in this guide


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