As an Admin, you can see how your organization is using Impraise.

To do this, select Activity from the left-hand navigation menu and you will automatically land on the Overview page.

Choose the timeframe you would like to display data from the calendar next to |time frame." You can automatically select the:

  • last year

  • last 6 months

  • last 3 months

  • last 28 days

You can also select a custom date range by using the arrows.

Within your selected time period, you can view the:

  • Number of active users

  • Amount of feedback shared

  • Types of feedback interactions

For each section, select the unit of time to display the data: day, week, month, or year.

Active Users

This graph will show you trends of how active your users are. Is activity more stable and daily or are people only logging in when it is time to do a review?

Amount of Feedback Shared

This graph will show you how much feedback is shared within the platform. A feedback interaction includes:

  • a response to a question in a review or a survey

  • a response to a question in an ask-for-feedback request

  • a rating on giving feedback on a skill

  • a praise

  • a tip

You can also view how many feedback interactions include comments (are people giving reasons for their ratings in reviews) and if a piece of feedback has been reacted to (are people starting conversations from their feedback?).

Types of Feedback interactions

This graph will show you more in-depth the type of feedback that is happening on the platform. You can see how much feedback was shared:

  • in a review

  • in an ask-for-feedback request

  • through feedback on a skill

  • with a praise

  • with a tip

You can hover over a section of the graph to see a breakdown of the total number.

You can export this data, along with other information, from the Realtime Feedback tab of the Activity Explorer.

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