As an Admin you can have an overview of Goals and OKRs activity within your organization including:

  • % of users who have set their first Goal

  • % of Work Goals completed, on time and overdue

  • % of Personal Goals completed, on time and overdue

  • Work Goals per user

  • Personal Goals per user

Go to the Activity page and select the Goals tab on the top.

Use the filter to track goals by role, team, manager, and any other custom fields that you've added when uploading users.

To see all the Goals that have been set by users:

  • Click on either the "Balance of work goals" bar or the "Balance of personal goals" bar

  • This will open up the Goals in your organization

  • Click on the 'Goal type' and 'Status' to filter the goals

Note: Admins have access to all goals in the organization regardless of their privacy settings

Download a CSV export to see the status of all Goals in Impraise.

  • Select Export data

  • Select Generate export, then Download export

Tip: You can convert your CSV export into an Excel Sheet or Google Sheets file easily. See here

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