User Management allows Admins to:

  • Add and Invite a New User

  • Update a User's Details

  • Make a User an Admin

  • Change a Manager

  • Deactivate a User

  • Reactivate a User

You can access the User Management page from the sidebar under the Organization section.

Important: If you have an SFTP connection with Impraise, make any user changes via your HRIS. Changes will automatically be updated in Impraise. If you're not sure, reach out to us.

Add and Invite a New User

To add new users in Impraise:

  • Click on "Add user" on the right-hand side of the screen

  • Fill in the individual's details

  • Select 'Send this user an invitation email' and Save

Update User's Details

Update an existing User's details by:

  • Click on the filter next to Show

  • Select List (A-Z)

  • Select the User to edit

Here you can update the User's:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Manager

  • Role

  • Team

  • Admin rights

Make a User an Admin

If you would like to grant or remove admin rights from an existing User, use the checkbox under the "Organization permissions".

Change a Manager

You can reassign a manager via User Management.

If you have a large number of changes to make to the organization hierarchy, this can be done via a CSV upload. Click here for more information.

Deactivate a User

If an individual has left your company and you do not want them to have access to Impraise, you can deactivate their profile.

The profile will be removed from your organization and that person will no longer have access to Impraise. However, all feedback given by this user will remain visible in Impraise.

  • Select a profile from the list on the left and scroll down the page. Click "Deactivate" and confirm in dialog pop-up.

Reactivate a User

If someone is rehired by your company, you can easily reactivate their profile and have all previously received feedback visible for the user.

Go to the "Deactivated" tab. A list of previously deactivated profiles will be displayed on the left. Select one of them and click "Reactivate account":

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