You can have two types of reports in Impraise: Review reports and Feedback Request reports.

Click here to learn more about Review reports.

Feedback Request Reports are reports that you receive from sending an Ask for Feedback request and having a colleague or colleagues complete it.

Where to find your request reports

Your feedback reports can be found on your Feedback page under "Reports".

You can filter on the type (Reviews or Feedback Requests) and the owner (My reports and Shared with me)

You can download your feedback request report as a PDF file, share it with your peers and/or put it as a topic in your next 1:1 on the right side of your feedback report

You can also react to your feedback, find out more here.

Note: If the person/s you requested feedback from has/have not given you feedback yet, you will see an empty report.

You can add notes to your Review Reports

If you want to add notes to your review reports after the report was shared with you, you can do it by clicking on "Add" under the Note section on the right side of your review page.

Example Feedback Request Report - Download

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