When launching Impraise, think about what skills your colleagues need to get started with Impraise. We offer lightweight learning materials in the areas of giving feedback, goal setting, and 1:1 conversations.

Feedback skills

We have the following feedback training materials outlined in more detail below:

  • Email Course: How to give, receive, and follow-up on feedback?

  • Video: How to formulate actionable feedback

  • Feedback Training

Email Course

Giving and receiving feedback can be difficult and confrontational. The email course How to give, receive, and follow-up on feedback? is designed to help your colleagues make the most out of the feedback they receive and give to others. In this 5-day course, users will receive 1 email a day covering the following topics:

Lesson 1: The feedback mindset
Lesson 2: Constructive feedback and common pitfalls
Lesson 3: Recognition and praise
Lesson 4: Accepting and responding to feedback
Lesson 5: Preparing for your 1-on-1

Curious about the content? Check out this PDF document to read the 5 courses!

Approach to launch the email course
There are three ways in which you can launch the email course in your organization:

  1.  Individual sign-up: Allows people to sign up themselves on this landing page.

  2. Mass sign-up: All your employees are automatically signed up - reach out to your Customer Success Manager for details.

  3. Customized: Download the content above and use it to distribute the email course yourself within your organization.

A short video: How to give actionable feedback

Help your colleagues formulate their feedback by sharing the video below explaining the 4 easy steps of feedback formulation:

(Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RR6S-UmAQTs&t=2s)

Feedback Training

Train your colleagues on how to give feedback with the Trainer Guide linked in the download section below. It will provide you with a training structure, a deep dive on the COIN method, and tips & tricks to facilitate this session on your own.

Need any help? Or want more info on customized training sessions? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more info.


  • Check out the Trainer Guide here.

  • Poster - COIN Feedback (PDF / Print)

Goals and OKRs Setting

The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Goals with OKRs

This ebook is a great resource to get started with.


  • The Ultimate Guide to Achieving Goals with OKRs (ebook)

Introducing OKRs

This presentation outlines the why/what/how of OKRs, covers key concepts, as well as gives examples and exercises to do with your team to prepare to use OKRs.


Using Impraise from Objective Setting to Evaluation

This presentation helps you outline the philosophy and the process of performance management at your company.


Manager's Guide to Goals Setting with Impraise

This guide aims to help managers support their team members to set, track, and achieve their goals. It covers why goals are important, how to set goals, how to coach your team members to achieve their goals, and what all this looks like in Impraise. 


  • Manager's Guide to Goal Setting with Impraise (PDF)

  • Watch this short video to see these concepts in action

Follow-up with effective 1:1 conversations

By the end of each feedback event, it's important for employees to clarify the next steps in a 1:1 conversation with their manager. This conversation is important to make sure feedback is interpreted correctly and translated into a development plan and daily working routines. 

Take the communication template from the download section, customize it to your needs, and distribute it to all participants by the end of the event. The template informs people how to read, analyze, and accept the feedback and prepare for their 1:1 conversation.

The 1:1 conversation helps employees to:

  • Interpret the feedback correctly.

  • Close the feedback loop and translate feedback into an effective strategy to develop personally and professionally.

  • Embed feedback in the mindset and develop continuously.

  • Stay aligned with the manager on priorities and goals.


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