Once you have launched Impraise across your organization, it's key to embed your learnings for the future. By listening to your colleagues you will understand what they need and how you can improve the next time. E.g. things to consider could be:

  • Did your colleagues have enough time to complete the review?

  • Do your colleagues need more guidance how to give feedback?

  • Do your colleagues understand what is expected of them?

  • Was Impraise easy to use?

You can evaluate by doing a quantitative (survey) or qualitative (interview) approach. If you want to run your survey in Impraise, use these instructions to set it up. 

To help you on your way, find example questions below. It's best to ask questions that are relevant to your short term goals so you gain a better idea if you have achieved them. There are questions to evaluate your entire performance & development process, or just a single event. They're provided both in English and in Dutch. You can use these as questions as an example and customize them to your needs!

Feedback quality and process

  1. The quality of the feedback you received was sufficient. (rating)

  2. The insights you gained from your feedback were valuable. (Yes/ No)

  3. You appreciate the feedback that was shared with you. (Yes/ No)

  4. You had sufficient time to give the feedback. (Yes/ No)

  5. You know how to give constructive feedback. (Yes/ No)

  6. The questions asked in the last review were useful for me to give feedback to my peers. (Yes/ No)

  7. Would you appreciate more guidance in giving feedback? (tips & tricks, training) (Yes/ No)

  8. Would you appreciate more feedback throughout the year? (Yes/ No)

  9. What should be improved in the performance- and development process in our organisation? (Open question)


  1. Your manager supports you in your development. (rating)

  2. Your manager makes clear what is expected from you. (rating)

  3. You have a clear focus on your performance- and development objectives. (rating)

    Support and tooling

  1. What support do you need to achieve your performance- and development objectives? (Open question)

  2. Impraise is a useful tool to give feedback (rating)

  3. What would you like to see improved in Impraise (Open question)

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