As an 'Observer' you are able to access Review results. Observers can access an individual's review report, the distribution of answers for rating scale questions as well as export the results of the entire review.

View an individual's report

As an 'Observer' you can view an individual's Review report. To do this:

  • Click on the Reviews tab

  • Click on the name of the Review

  • Click on 'Reports'

  • Use the Search bar to find the individual's report

Tip: You can download all the reports by just clicking on the "Download all reports" blue button.

View the Rating Distribution

If you have questions/topics in your review that either has a rating scale or drop-down response method a distribution of the ratings will be listed in a bar graph. To view this go to the Analytics page of your review.

Here you will see all rated questions, how many users have responded to each question, and what are the totals for each rating. You can also refine the rating bar graphs on the analytics page using the Filter icon, in the upper left corner. You can filter by any custom attribute you have added into the system, and the graphs below will automatically update based on the responses received in the review.

Tip: Read more about Review Analytics and comparing reviews here

Export the Review Results

You can export a CSV report of the submitted feedback in a review. To do so:

  • Go to Reviews on the navigation menu.

  • Select the review you are looking for progress on.

  • Click the Analytics page towards the top of the page.

  • Select Export data on the right.

  • Select Generate export, then Download export to fully export the file.

Note, it may take 15-30 seconds for the file to generate. Once downloaded, it will appear under Downloads in your file manager. The file is a raw CSV of the details of the review and the individual feedback responses of each feedback reviewer and recipient.

Tip: You can turn your exported CSV into an excel or Google Sheet by following these stepsĀ 

Please see an example file attached here.

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